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Sami and Activities

Sami,  a village with a population of 900, located on the eastern coast of Cephalonia,  is the most significant harbour on the island.  It boasts many unusual geological phenomena which are unique to Greece.  Two magnificent  caves are open to the public: the cave Lake Melissani  in the Karavomilos area and the Drogarati cave located on the road to the village of Chaliotata.
In the area there  is also Agrilia Monastery,  situated on a hill overlooking the emerald beach of Antisamos and the coastline of Ithaca. The location is set against the background of Mount Ainos, covered with evergreen fir trees unique to Cephalonia. Sami also has many beautiful beaches, the most famous of which is Antisamos.
The film Captain Corelli`s Mandolin, starring Nicolas Cage and Penelope Cruz, was filmed mainly in Sami in 2001.
(photo gallery of Sami)

Cephalonia offers a wide variety of activities for visitors from all walks of life.
For  example:

Walking and hiking
Explore the tracks and ancient paths that criss-cross the island and experience the extensive range of flora and fauna.

With an extensive network of quiet roads,  Cephalonia offers magnificent terrain and breathtaking scenery for adventurous cyclists.

Have an unforgettable riding-tour through dense wild oak forests or old villages left in ruins after the devastation of the 1953 earthquake.

Water sports
Jet skiing, ringo and banana boating, water skiing and parasailing provide excitement and thrills for those into extreme water sports. Scuba-diving is also available on the island.

Day trips and festivals
The island hosts many feasts, festivals and religious and cultural events. Best known are the Robola Wine Festival and the Feasts of the Virgin Mary and Saint Gerasimos, as well as various music and theatrical festivals.


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